Over due and fractured

No baby yet.  I’ll get that out of the way first!  Today, I’m 4 days overdue and woke up around 1:30am and have been unable to go back to sleep.  So I decided to use the quiet of these late/early hours to do something productive.  I did think she was going to come on her […]

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Week 6

I’m very happy to report that Nico has been on the upswing this week.  He’s not back to his normal but his appetite has been increasing and he even gained a couple pounds.  He’s adjusted to his NG tube pretty well.  On Monday we had his “easy” chemo treatment which wrapped up cycle 2.  His […]

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Week 5 Update

We are currently in the ER at BCCH about to head home.  We’ve had a long, tiring 10 days!  We had hoped Nico would bounce back from his IRIN chemo last week but he seemed to have some delayed side effects.  On Monday, Nico had a planning CT scan at the BC Cancer Agency in […]

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Week 4

On Tuesday this week we made our way back to the hospital to see if Nico’s neutrophil levels were high enough to begin his next cycle of treatment.  His levels had indeed come up to .87 which was over the .75 level the docs want to see before proceeding with chemo.  We were excited to […]

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Fever and Flu

Well, I may have spoken too soon!  Nico came down with a fever this morning.  A fever automatically triggers a trip to the hospital for Nico because they have to rule out a bacterial infection.  Thankfully, this time around it was during business hours and we were able to just go to the outpatient clinic […]

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This past Monday was supposed to start week 4, cycle 2 of Nico’s treatment.  Before they administer any chemo, blood work is done and certain blood levels are checked to make sure his body is strong enough to receive the chemotherapy safely.  (Isn’t it ironic to use the word safely and chemo together?)  Surprisingly, his […]

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Rhabdomyosar… what?

In 2010, Nick and I made some pretty significant changes in our lives.  Through providence, we learned about health and how our physical health is intricately intertwined with our spiritual and emotional health.  We took in the information and with much prayer we made decided changes that we implemented and continue to practice to this […]

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