Back at it!

After two weeks of enjoying the perks of having no chemo, we were back at it today.  Last week Nico’s counts were too low so chemo was delayed one week.  (The week before last there was a scheduled break in chemo.)  Today his counts were back up and he received the V and C out […]

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Half Way Mark

We are on week twenty one of Nico’s forty three week treatment protocol.  We see tiny rays of light at the end of this long dark tunnel!!  He completed cycle 7 last week (out of 15.)  Two weeks ago he had his five day chemo which hit him harder than it had the last couple […]

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Back in the BC!

We arrived back in beautiful British Columbia late Sunday night after a three hour delay to our flight.  Thankfully our awesome friends (thanks Aimee and Pablo) had dropped off our vehicle at the airport for us. We arrived at our new temporary home and were warmly greeted by our gracious host who had gone out […]

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3, 2, 1!!

A lot has happed since our last update!  It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but I’ll give you some of the highlights. We officially closed on our house!  We moved to British Columbia last September and our house had been on the market since that time.  We are so thankful to have this finalized! […]

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Nico has now completed 11 of his 28 radiation treatments.  The past couple of weeks have gone by pretty quick!  One of Nico’s favorite moments was when he was transported to his radiation appointment at Mayo Clinic via ambulance while admitted at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Nick said he was all smiles that morning! Last Monday […]

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Double Whammy Day

Today was a big day for Nico.  He started his radiation treatment at Mayo Clinic this morning.  Everything went smoothly and much faster than projected. Afterward we headed over to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for his week 13 VAC chemo.  He was supposed to get this last week but we had a bit of a delay. […]

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Scans, chemo and birthdays

We’ve had a really busy week!  I guess I should say Nick and Nico have had a really busy week this week.  This week marked week 10 of Nico’s treatment and is also when the effectiveness of his treatment to date is evaluated.  On Tuesday Nico had an MRI and on Wednesday he had a […]

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Radiation Vacation?

  Nico was able to come home this past Sunday which we were very excited about!  We just aren’t used to being apart from each other so these hospital stays are hard on us.  By Sunday morning, his ANC counts had bounced way back up so the oncologist was pretty sure the fever was due to […]

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Six Floors of Separation

Last week, Nico had his inpatient VAC chemo on Thursday.  Since I was still pregnant, we decided to all go and stay nearby overnight just in case.  We are currently staying in Abbotsford which is about an hour drive for us to BC Children’s Hospital.  Early on Thursday morning we got everyone (four adults and […]

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