Follow Up to the Follow Up

Hello friends! It’s been a little over three months since our last blog update. We’ve been busy getting back to the mundane, celebrating birthdays, enjoying nature, homeschooling and playing. Time has really been flying for us this year!

As many of you know, Nico had his first follow up scan last month where we were left with an uncertainty as to whether all remained clear or if there was a reoccurrence of tumor growth. This week we returned for a follow up to the follow up for another MRI and hopes for a more conclusive answer. We were given the GREAT news that all looked clear! There were no changes between this MRI and last month’s and so we are once again free until his next scans in July. We are rejoicing and relieved. ❤ The good news continues…

Coloring to pass the time while waiting for Nico’s MRI

Wednesday was a very full and busy day for Nico. He had three appointments at BC Children’s Hospital- one of which was meeting with his oncologist who gave us the good news from the MRI results. Another was with the ophthalmologist who had been monitoring him since the completion of radiation. His vision in his left eye had been 20/80 the last couple visits and we were told Nico would most likely need glasses in the near future. However, this week Nico’s vision in his left eye was 20/20!! So far the only long term issue that remains apparent to us from radiation is that Nico’s left eye is watery and red at times. The ophthalmologist thinks it’s a mild case of dry eye and recommended using artificial tear drops a couple times a day to see if that will help the eye to stop watering. Nico also saw the dentist who congratulated him on his new five adult teeth (one front and four adult molars!) He remains cavity free!!

And what’s a better way to end a long day of hospital appointments than by being the kid captain at a Whitecaps soccer game! It was truly a great experience and most appropriate way to end the day. As they introduced Nico, congratulated him on being cancer free, and invited a stadium full of people to cheer him on I had to raise my voice in celebration to hold back the tears. So glad Linda and our new friends Dave, Sher and Callum could be there to experience it with us!

Here are a few other highlights of what we’ve been up to since the last update:

  • Nico recovered very well from his port removal surgery. He was ready to run around and play just a few hours after his surgery and he hasn’t stopped since! His energy levels and appetite have been great. He has enjoyed being home and getting to play outside. He has also restarted piano lessons and is learning in leaps and bounds. He can’t seem to pass by the keyboard without stopping to play his newest song or chords.
  • After we got back from Nico’s port removal surgery we were finally able to bring home our dog Bindi!! We got her as a puppy only a couple months before Nico was diagnosed and we have missed her SO much. It has been a joy to have her with us again. She is all grown up now and is such a sweet dog! We love you Bindi! And we are so thankful to our friends the Wolfe’s for taking such good care of her for us. ❤
  • We got team Nico shirts! We have kid sizes and a few adult sizes left if you want to purchase one, let me know. Thank you to everyone who preordered and have purchased! These funds are helping us with expenses such as special labs and supplements ordered by our naturopath to help with Nico’s ongoing recovery from treatment last year. Our goal is to help strengthen his body and immune system again and minimize his chances of relapse. We also think the shirts turned out amazing and are a great way to spread awareness about childhood cancer.
  • Nali turned ONE!! She is one in a melon and so we celebrated with a watermelon cake and coconut cream frosting. ❤ She has been growing and changing right before our eyes. She loves learning and copying her brothers and isn’t afraid to get in on their shenanigans. She has become quite vocal about what she wants and doesn’t want! It is so satisfying to see her make connections and be learning and growing. We love you Nali girl!
  • V turned FIVE! We invited our friends over for cupcakes, painted rock hunting and paper airplane flying and had SO much fun that we forgot to get many good pictures.
  • Putting some mileage on the dirt bike is always on Nico’s mind and thankfully the weather has warmed up so he has been able to get out and ride a bit more lately. He also received some new gear as a gift from Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing which was hard to talk him out of sleeping in it, lol. We were very touched by their generosity and thoughtfulness!
  • Homeschool, fun with friends, and lots of playing!

Today is Good Friday and the thought strikes me that we as a family have been given such a gift this week. Getting such good news before going into this weekend of reflection and celebration is perfect timing. Where would I be without the hope and peace of Jesus? Another part of me feels the deep aching of families that did not get good news this week. It’s easy to rejoice in the Lord and sing his praises when our prayers are seemingly answered but even if this week had gone differently He would still be GOOD. Our God is a loving, faithful and living Savior. The cross bears the evidence of the Father and the Son’s love for us and brings with it such hope. The hope of a world returned to it’s original intent of perfection- no death, no suffering, no disease. The hope and joy that I am not alone and the strength gathered from His everlasting promises are life to me when it all seems too much. We have experienced one hundred and one times over God’s love and grace poured over us throughout this journey and it’s NOT because we are good- believe me I’m far from it.

Thank you for making it to the end and for your continued prayers and support. It was a great week as well as exhausting. I am thankful for Sabbath rest! After all, even Jesus rested in the tomb on the Sabbath day. I pray you all have a blessed holiday weekend. ❤

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