Cancer Free Christmas!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It goes without saying that our holidays this year compared to last were starkly different. Don’t get me wrong, despite having the dark heavy cancer cloud over our heads last year we were very intentional about enjoying our time home together before the onslaught of medical appointments began and making some great memories. One of those being that we found out that we were having a baby girl! ❤ But there were so many unknowns about Nico and what the future would hold- hence the dark heaviness. This Christmas felt extremely light.

We have been celebrating the count down and on December 6 Nico had his very last chemo and on December 20 Nico had his trophy ceremony at BCCH! The following day Nico had his final PET scan and NG tube removed! Wooohooo!! The final scans have all been reported and everything is clear- no evidence of disease! Nick and I are in a bit of shock about it being done. We look back on this year in disbelief. How is it really over? How did we manage to survive? Thinking back through it all we see the common thread of God’s love woven throughout the year. Going before us and preparing the way for us- God is faithful.

We were able to spend Christmas at our home in Lillooet and Nico received a very special end of treatment/Christmas gift. He is now the proud owner of a dirt bike! He was so surprised and super excited!!

About to take his “new to him” dirt bike out on his first drive.

We closed out 2018 with V and Nali fighting colds. And we thought for sure Nico was going to catch it, get a fever and end up at the hospital but by God’s grace he has been totally fine! We’ve spent the first 14 days of 2019 packing up our stuff in Langley, moving back to Lillooet, unpacking, purging, cleaning, and organizing. It’s been quite the process but we are getting closer to having our house feel like home.

Later this morning, Nico gets his port surgically removed and that will mark a big milestone. Once it is removed, Nick and I no longer have to stress about fevers and rushing him to the hospital if he gets one. Which is a big deal since we have now moved back home and live two hours away from a major hospital. Nico will still be monitored every three months for the first year to make sure everything continues to be clear. He will have his first follow up visit in March.

We have already consulted with our naturopath about how to move forward in supporting Nico now that the chemo is complete. He has a plan in place and we are glad to know we can do our part to help mop up the mess chemo leaves behind. It will require extra resources but all towards a wonderful investment- to help Nico not only survive but thrive.

In 2018, our family was in survival mode. We took it day by day and claiming God’s promises of strength we made it to the finish line. Nico has a 70-80% chance of being completely cured. That means there is a 20-30% chance there could be a relapse. When I think of 2019 I don’t think of relapses. I think of homeschool, chores, nature walks, planting a garden, enjoying the spring fruit tree blossoms, camping, traveling, making precious memories and seeing family. God knows what lies ahead and so I don’t live in the 20-30%. To live in the “what if” would squander the “what is.” Time is too precious to squander friends. May 2019 be a year we thrive and not just merely survive. ❤

4 thoughts on “Cancer Free Christmas!

  1. Praise God We have such a Awesome  God .Thanks for sharing all this with us  Praying for a healthy new year alllove and prayers in Christ      Patricia                                                                                                                                     


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