Counting Down

Today we dropped off my sister Melissa and her hubby Adam at the airport after getting to spend five lovely days with them.  I realized that having family come visit is a big motivator in getting us to go out and explore where Nick and I would otherwise feel too tired and unmotivated to do so.  Thankfully the most recent delay in treatment made it possible for us to be able to do and enjoy more during my sister’s visit since Nico had an easy chemo week and has been feeling pretty good.  While they were here we took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and explored lots of nature together.  One of the most notable of our adventures was hiking to the upper lake at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.  It took us almost five hours roundtrip because wearing a chunky baby while hiking an incline is no joke!  There are a lot of object lesson that I took away from that experience.  Lessons on perseverance and pushing through the hard.  To just focus on your next step and to take as many breaks as you need to catch your breathe when you feel like you just can’t keep going.  To allow those that love and support you to help you when you need it.  (Many thanks to Melissa for wearing Nali the second half of the climb up to the middle lake and for Adam who also helped carry Nico up and back down when he got tired.)  To enjoy the beauty along the way.  I could keep going but I won’t get too philosophical.  It was a great hike, hard but well worth the work getting up to see those picturesque lakes.

We also managed to squeeze in some time to see our dog Bindi during this short road trip.  Nico had really been missing her since we hadn’t seen her since the end of January.  We wondered if she would remember us after all that time.  We heard her whimpering and crying as we were driving down the driveway to our friends’ house where she is staying.  It was so special to have her still remember us and give us such warm greetings!  Although we miss her, we are so thankful she has such a great family taking amazing care of her!

Nico has continued to work on making his pot holders and was pleasantly suprised this morning when he made his biggest sale to date- eight!  They cleaned out his inventory!  Thanks Titi Meisha and Uncle Adam!  WWmnYkF+TY+huxdd%is5og

He also had a follow up with the orthopedist a week or so ago for the cyst in his arm.  They took another x-ray and are quite pleased with how it is healing/progressing.  No interventions needed and they will keep monitoring.  Praise God!

We also made it to the U.S. Consulate office in Vancouver last week to get Nali’s U.S. citizenship!  I would have never guess we would have a Mexican-American child born in Canada.  We celebrated by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant right across the border in Washington since Canada is lacking in the good Mexican food department.


And now that family is gone once again, we are left with the good memories made and the hopes of plans to come that will reunite us.  Tomorrow Nico begins week 25 of treatment and it is his week long chemo.  As long as his counts are fine tomorrow, he will be going everyday this week to get chemo at the outpatient clinic at BCCH.  Last time he had this particular chemo it hit him hard.  Please pray with us that we will be able to stay ahead of the nausea and that he is able to make it through the week with more smiles than tears.

As I look over the rest of Nico’s treatment scheduled a strange thing is beginning to happen- it isn’t feeling overwhelming anymore.  When we first started, we didn’t look ahead more than a couple weeks at a time because it was too much to process.  But now the end is in sight and there are more breaks sprinkled into the schedule due to the fact that his body becomes more fatigued after each round.  After this week Nico only has:

-4 Vincristine “easy” chemo treatments

-3 VAC inpatient chemo treatments

-2 Irinotecan week long chemo treatments

-1 Dactinomycin make up dose

Bring on the countdown!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride so far.  I’m not naive to think that once these 43 weeks are over we’ll be off this ride.  Cancer doesn’t work that way.  I know that there will be a period of readjustment for us after treatment as we navigate those waters and deal with potential side effects.  But worry is blind.  Today we see and focus on the attainable, on the task at hand.

We are eternally grateful for all the prayers, love and support.

3 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. We are missing you all, praying for our Lord’s strength through all of this! Our trials are different, but turning us into spiritual body builders in the realm that He needs us. We’re here counting down with you all!


  2. I am praying for Nico. I have a son Nicholas who I can Nico so your son has become special to me. I am covering you all in prayer. Praying for strength, comfort and perseverance that God will meet you right where you need Him. 🙏🏻

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