Back in the BC!

We arrived back in beautiful British Columbia late Sunday night after a three hour delay to our flight.  Thankfully our awesome friends (thanks Aimee and Pablo) had dropped off our vehicle at the airport for us.

We arrived at our new temporary home and were warmly greeted by our gracious host who had gone out of her way to make this space very homey!  We may not want to leave.  The following day, Nico had an appointment at BC Children’s Hospital to begin five days of chemo.  However, his counts were too low so we were given the week off, which was a huge blessing since we wanted to try and get settled into our new space.  In the wee hours yesterday morning, you guessed it, Nico had a fever.  So around 3 a.m. Nick and Nico headed out, bags packed just in case, for the hospital.  Unfortunately, he was admitted this time.  We had hoped he would get to come home today but they wanted the bacteria cultures to come back and those take 48 hours so we are hoping they will be discharged tomorrow.  We think he is fighting off a cold virus since his nose was runny today.  Also, Nick isn’t feeling too great himself and V also had a runny nose today.

We had arranged with some other friends of ours to meet up at our storage unit and they were going to help us move it all to our new place.  (We are so blessed with such caring and awesome friends!)  Thankfully we were still able to make that happen thanks to our gracious host who drove me over to the storage unit.  We only have one vehicle which makes it tricky for us when Nico gets admitted into the hospital so we are thankful it worked out well.  So that’s been our week so far.

Last week, Nico finished his radiation.  On his last day, his nurses at Mayo decorated his room and they gave him some gifts as a congratulations for being all done.  We had doughnuts and he got to ring the bell which took some coaxing since there was a room full of people he didn’t know looking at him and he got some stage fright.  Hearing that brass bell ring out was sweet music to my ears.  The following day we surprised Nico with a visit to Legoland Discovery Center to celebrate being all done with radiation.  Nico and V had a blast!

Praying Nico gets discharged quickly tomorrow.  The past two mornings V has woken up looking for Nico and is very disappointed each time I tell him he’s not here.  It’s no fun when we have to be apart but thankful it’s just temporary.  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but I’d rather be together in spite of the bickering that comes with brotherhood.

2 thoughts on “Back in the BC!

  1. Praying for nothing to grow in those cultures(been there) and soon return of bickering brotherhood! ❤️

    It’s such a gift to have supportive friends- I’m also praying that God blesses your dear friends in a very special way.

    God is Faithful!

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