Week 6

I’m very happy to report that Nico has been on the upswing this week.  He’s not back to his normal but his appetite has been increasing and he even gained a couple pounds.  He’s adjusted to his NG tube pretty well.  On Monday we had his “easy” chemo treatment which wrapped up cycle 2.  His blood levels came back good and his ANC was as expected.

Waiting to get his week 6 chemo.

He has been very tired the past couple of days but he has a break in treatment until next Thursday so we are grateful for the extra time his body will have to rest and recover.  Next week will start cycle 3 and he will have another round of the VAC chemo which is what kicked off his treatment back on January 13.  During this chemo he receives three different chemo meds and is admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay.  The reason kids are admitted during this particular treatment is because one of the chemo drugs can be especially damaging to the lining of the bladder and measures are taken to prevent this from happening.  They really push fluids to keep the bladder flushed and they also administer a medicine called mesna.  The nurses monitor his urine output and they want him to be urinating every couple of hours.  Nico’s bladder is not very big so he has no trouble going to the bathroom pretty frequently.  He will have his blood work checked next Wednesday to make sure his levels are good enough to proceed with the chemo and if all comes back ok he will go to BCCH on Thursday to begin cycle 3, week 7 of treatment.

Making sure the new baby stuff is safe.

We’ve also been prepping for baby’s arrival.  I’m due March 3 (just a couple days away) so I’ve been in a bit of nesting mode.  I’m actually surprised that baby hasn’t arrived yet!  Nico was born a day early, V was a week early and I thought for sure this baby would be here by now.  Seeing that Nico has an overnight admission to the hospital next Thursday, which Nick will be staying with him for, I’m praying that the baby comes by at least Monday so we have time to come home and adjust a bit before Nick has to leave for Nico’s treatment.  I can hope and pray but we all know that babies don’t come with timelines or schedules to keep so I’ll just have faith that all will happen according to God’s will.  So far she seems pretty comfy in there.  We are also so thankful to those who have sent us gifts to help us prepare and welcome this new little one!  The boys have had fun helping test gifts as well as sort, wash and put away her new clothes.

Having fun opening a care package from the Hardegen’s.  ❤

And in honor of Rare Disease Day, which is held the last day of February, here are some stats for us all to consider.  I’m mostly struck by how underfunded childhood cancer research is and it makes me even more grateful to those who are doing their part to raise funds for research.  If you would like to help, consider making a donation to my brother-in-law Phil who will be shaving his head in solidarity with Nico while raising money for childhood cancer through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Thank you Uncle Phil!!just_the_facts-791x1024


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