Fever and Flu

Well, I may have spoken too soon!  Nico came down with a fever this morning.  A fever automatically triggers a trip to the hospital for Nico because they have to rule out a bacterial infection.  Thankfully, this time around it was during business hours and we were able to just go to the outpatient clinic at the hospital instead of the ER.
So we got some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that Nico’s ANC is on the upswing. That level was at .52 on Monday and today it was .67.  The bad news is that Nico’s nose swab came back as having influenza b.  Actually, there is some good news about that after all.  Because it’s viral we didn’t need to be admitted overnight and we were able to come home.  We are thankful.  Being in the hospital in general but especially over Sabbath isn’t our favorite thing.  We came home tonight, he had some dinner and he and Nick are sleeping soundly as I type this update.Praying he gets some good sleep tonight and that his body is able to fight off this flu virus swiftly.  Nick and I had fever and aches a couple weeks ago so we are praying that we’ve already had the flu and Nico is the last one in the family to have it versus being the one to kick it off.  Please pray that with us as well!  I’m off to drink some echinacea tea and make a batch of nature’s flu shot.  😷  Happy Sabbath!

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