Catch up to 2020

There currently only remains less than two hours until the last day in January is complete. (When I started typing this entry.) Is anyone else’s head spinning? Just me? *sigh* As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t manage to send out our yearly Christmas card this year. This was the first time in […]

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Summer Fun and Then Some

Today we returned to BC Children’s Hospital for follow up scans after three months of freedom. He had bloodwork, a chest X-ray and an MRI completed today and they all came back normal/clear! What a relief and we are praising the Lord for this blessing. It means we can go home in the clear for […]

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Follow Up to the Follow Up

Hello friends! It’s been a little over three months since our last blog update. We’ve been busy getting back to the mundane, celebrating birthdays, enjoying nature, homeschooling and playing. Time has really been flying for us this year! As many of you know, Nico had his first follow up scan last month where we were […]

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Cancer Free Christmas!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It goes without saying that our holidays this year compared to last were starkly different. Don’t get me wrong, despite having the dark heavy cancer cloud over our heads last year we were very intentional about enjoying our time home together before the onslaught of medical appointments […]

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Beginning of the end

Greetings from Casa de Coursey!  The past couple of months have steadily been slipping away.  Summer is long gone and only a few days of autumn remain here in the lower mainland of British Columbia.  Winter is hard for this Florida/Arizona girl to embrace.  Give me ALL the sunshine!! Here are some highlights since our […]

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First off, I need to thank everyone who has been following Nico’s journey and lifting us up in prayer.  We are so grateful that you remain along side us and appreciate your prayers so very much.  As you know, Nico had his 30 week scans recently and he was able to complete the MRI without […]

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THIS is how YOU can help

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month (in case you hadn’t caught on from my incessant posting on social media :P.)  I’ve had so many people this year ask us to let them know if there was anything they could do.  I have to admit, I didn’t know how to answer that question (still don’t most […]

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Déjà vu

The feeling of familiarity is not something we’ve experienced much on this cancer journey so far.  Everything has been unfamiliar and new to us.  Until this week.  On Monday Nico was supposed to start week 28 of treatment with his VAC chemo and an overnight hospital stay.  However, (can you guess?) his neutrophil counts were too […]

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26 Weeks Completed

We now have 26 weeks of treatment under our belts!  There was a week delay getting week 25 underway because of low counts.  That is to be expected at this point in the game but the realization that we are so close and yet there could theoretically be several more weeks of delays pushing our […]

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Counting Down

Today we dropped off my sister Melissa and her hubby Adam at the airport after getting to spend five lovely days with them.  I realized that having family come visit is a big motivator in getting us to go out and explore where Nick and I would otherwise feel too tired and unmotivated to do […]

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